Additional Sun Dor Classics Options

Sun Dor Classics offers several additional provisions for special applications and interests. Itemized below are options which will enhance safety, security and weather proofing for your unique door applications as well as appearance.

Fire Doors

All panel door styles and profiles can be manufactured to meet fire endurance ratings ranging between 20, 45, 60, and 90 minute applications.

Multi-point Hardware
 for increased security
Multi-point door hardware provides increased security and structural stability for both exterior and interior door applications. Sun Door Classics can incorporate a range of 5, 3 and 2-point multi-point hardware solutions into any door we manufacture.

Interlock Saddles for weather proofing

Interlock saddles catch the water which may blow or run under an exterior door and return it to the outside where it belongs. Sun Dor Classics will provide these water return thresholds as an added weatherproofing measure for your exterior door applications.

V-Groove Panels

V-Grooves emulate the tongue-and-groove look of plank doors. These powerful design elements can be incorporated into any Sun Dor Classics panel door design.

Dentil Shelves

Dentil shelves are design enhancements which can be added between glass and wood panels on doors and sidelites.

Panels & Glass

Many of our panel and glass door designs are interchangeable allowing for substitutions and combinations between the two.