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AIA Courses

Ongoing Trainings for Architects

As an architect, you are required to continue your education and maintain your credentials. Upstate Door is proud to offer American Institute of Architects (AIA)-accredited trainings to help with ongoing education and training required for professional architects.

We recommend our architectural representative meet with you and your firm to offer the most applicable trainings to help you provide every client with the best door solutions. Ultimately, it is our goal to be a resource to you on your current or next project, and the best way to do this is to offer a team-based approach, offering time, advice and solutions at your disposal, while creating and solidifying relationships.

Additionally, we offer levels of training based on knowledge and experience level, allowing us to tailor your training to the needs and understanding of each architect. Architects are always welcome to join in on a plant tour with any dealer, providing a chance to learn more about our products and to see how we can match detail, alignments and variety of options offered.

We currently offer AIA accredited trainings. Learn more about the different options below.

AIA Training Courses

NEW! Architectural Wood Doors: Incorporating Warmth & Character Throughout Your Home Design

Worth 1 HSW Credit

Course Description:
This course provides a detailed overview of how to incorporate wood doors into your luxury home design. Participants will learn about different types of wood doors, construction methods, the appropriate species for stain grade or paint grade doors, and different panel or glass options. The course also gives participants an understanding of how wood doors perform and function, and how to incorporate them into any home design.


Challenges of Wood Doors in Coastal Environments

Worth 1 HSW Credit

Course Description:
We begin by focusing on understanding what a coastal environment is and how it can cause potential challenges relating to wood doors. This course covers proper wood species selection for exterior use, hardware and weatherstrip considerations, appropriate elevations, overhang and sills. Learn about importance of sealing, screen doors and understand differences between impact-rated and water-rated door products.

NEW! Architectural Wood Flush Doors: Where Style Meets Function

Worth 1 HSW Credit

Course Description:
This course provides a detailed overview of the wooden flush door construction method and industry standards when considering a modern flush door. It gives participants an understanding of how flush doors perform and function, fit into the modern movement, and add an element of design to any modern home.



Moldings and Doors: The Built-In Value of Any Home or Commercial Project

Worth 1 HSW Credit

Course Description:
A well-designed trim package not only adds value to your home, it increases the health and well-being of the people living there. This course will discuss many challenges that can arise when working with raw materials – challenges that if considered at the beginning stage of the design process, could maximize the value of the project relative to design, yield and meeting client expectations.

Designing with
Hardwood Veneer

Worth 1 HSW Credit

Course Description:
In this course, we discuss the six critical elements of specifying hardwood veneer on a project. Participants will learn how to match veneer styles to achieve a desired design. This course teaches the measurable qualities and properties of wood veneer grades. Lastly, participants will be able to recognize the importance of adequate specification to protect the integrity of the design vision.

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