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Coastal Weather Doors

Homes built along the coast have some of the best views and access to nature. But they also have unique concerns, including the risk of severe weather and waves. With custom coastal weather door solutions from Upstate Door, you can rest easy in knowing your home is protected from the elements.

Coastal Doors for Life on the Shore

Our custom entry solutions don’t just protect your home, they help deliver an elegant and refined look to make your house look great as well. Our impact-rated solutions are 2 1/4″ thick as a minimum, and feature a standard sweep and weatherstripping. We use marine epoxy to glue joints together, minimizing movement and adding water resistance. With multipoint hardware, doors are also held securely in place, protecting from heavy winds and offering additional protection against water.

For doors with additional water rating, we use a drip cap along the bottom edge of the door to draw water away from the frame. We also use additional weatherstripping around all edges to create a more protective seal. By adding a screen/storm door, we create a secondary barrier to keep water at bay. Our installations also use stainless-steel screws and hardware, preventing rust formation and protecting doors from salty seawater spray.

Additional features include:

  • Engineered drip and rain caps to push water away from the door
  • Blockage sills help drain water away from the door
  • Mahogany wood preferred for durability and weather resistance
  • Factory finishing available to protect hard-to-reach areas and entirely seal the door
  • Solid rails eliminate the potential for delamination

Find the right solution for your coastal home when you speak with Upstate Door. Look through our options below to see examples of our coastal weather door solutions, or call us today at 800.570.8283 to discuss a quote for your needs.

Our custom door experts can help you create a distinctive exterior door for your home. Whatever you need, you’re sure to find the perfect door solution at Upstate Door.

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The minimum door thickness for coastal applications is 2 1/4″

Solid rails eliminate the possibility of delamination.

Marine epoxy is used to glue the joints, reducing joint movement.

Engineered drip and rain caps are included to help push water away from the unit.

Multipoint hardware helps protect the door from high winds and water infiltration.

Blockade sills are required because they help drain water away from the door.

Additional weatherstripping is used to help keep water away from the unit.

Stainless steel screws and hardware will not rust when exposed to the elements.

Mahogany wood is preferred because it is durable and more resistant to extreme weather.

Factory finishing is encouraged to protect hard to reach areas and ensure the entire door is sealed.

Our Process

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Our master craftsmen carefully construct your door.


All six sides of your door can be finished in the factory before being shipped.


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