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Construction Specs

Construction Specifications

Each door receives individualized attention from our expert craftsmen. All Upstate Door products are built to your exact specifications using premium materials. We always use hand-selected lumber to ensure the overall quality and our MDF is double-refined to ensure crisp details and the smoothest paint application available.

Genuine stile and rail construction.

Stave core stiles are used for structural stability.

Joints are coped and doweled to create a long lasting, high quality product.

Muntins are doweled for added strength and support.

Different cores are available based on different applications to maximize stability.

Raised and flat floating panels are standard.

Marine epoxy is used on exterior doors; exterior grade glue is used on interior doors.

CNC machining is used on every unit to create hinge pockets, jambs, details, etc.

Panel Construction

Paneled wood doors offer a classic look that people often want for their homes. Within the door industry, there are four types of panel construction methods. Each panel varies in construction and style. We adhere to AWI Premium Specifications when possible.

Stile Construction

One downside of a solid wood stile is that solid wood has a tendency to move, causing a door to warp. To eliminate warpage, we glue different boards together in alternating directions. If the boards try to warp, they end up fighting against the other boards and are held straight. Upstate Door craftsmen take these pieces of wood and glues a solid, thinner piece of wood to each face and edge. By doing this, we create a product that appears as a single piece of wood but is much more stable than solid wood.

CNC Machining

Every door we manufacture is machined using a CNC router, making the tolerances extremely accurate. We pride ourselves on offering high quality doors that fit perfectly while offering architectural detail.

CONSISTENCY: CNCs offer a horizontal aggregate; the door is held perfectly flat while it is being machined. Everything is done consistently, such as beveling or depths of hinge pockets.

FLEXIBILITY: We have complete flexibility with any type of door, so creating custom door layouts or accommodating custom hinge layouts is never an issue.

ACCURACY: Tolerances are extremely accurate, which makes every made-to-order unit detailed and precise.

We can accommodate any door in any design. Personalize your door with kerfs, grooves, beads, or other intricate designs for added architectural elements.

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