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Custom Stationary Windows

Add another layer to your design with a custom curved stationary window! These windows are fixed in place but offer a unique design element to match your door and window package. Each window is created based on your exact specifications: profiles, wood, glass, and more!

Upstate Door is known for our custom capabilites and for manufacturing unique designs. We are able to create exceptional architectural designs that are both beautiful and functional. Window manufacturers are able to create standard shaped windows with standard profiles, where we have the capabilities to take wooden stationary windows to the next level.

We can create custom wooden circular, oval, or elliptical cased stationary windows with solid wood frames. Muntins can be completely customized to your design and are crafted out of one single piece of wood, eliminating any chance of shifting or movement.

All items on our stationary windows can be matched to the doors or window packages on the home: profiles (SDL or TDL), wood species, finishing, and glass options. Leaded glass options are also available. If you can dream it, we can create it!

A variety of casing options can be created to fit perfectly around the curved window and can be sent loose for your contractor to install.

Click here to view CAD drawings of examples we have done in the past. Talk to our experts to learn more about custom wooden stationary windows!