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Dutch Doors

A Dutch door is a two-piece door that offers flexibility of design. The top and bottom portions can be opened together or independently of each other. Our Dutch doors differ greatly from the competition because most manufacturers simply cut a door in half and call it a Dutch door. We create two separate smaller-sized doors and fit them together in the jamb. This allows you to adjust the middle rail to accommodate where you want the handle to be. The top can also be visually different from the bottom.


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D2050-2x2 Dutch

D2050-2x3 Dutch

D2050-3x3 Dutch

D2070-2x2 Dutch

D2070-2x3 Dutch

D2070-3x3 Dutch

D2080-2x2 Dutch

D2080-3x3 Dutch

D1040 Dutch

D1280 Dutch

D2080-2x3 Dutch


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