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See Our Facility in Warsaw, NY

The best way to learn about Upstate Door and our capabilities is to schedule a facility tour and come to Warsaw, NY to see exactly how we make our doors and see the attention to detail.

Why should you take a plant tour?

Dealer employees, builders, and architects alike typically come away with a much broader knowledge of Upstate Door and our capabilities. It makes it much easier to explain our detailed product to a customer when you have seen it yourself firsthand. While you are here, you will get to see how a door is constructed from start to finish, whether MDF or wood, see our top-of-the-line CNC machine in action, get to watch how we finish a door, and meet the staff that helps your team. It’s a great opportunity to experience!

Review your challenges with wood doors and learn how we’ve changed our product to reduce or eliminate those challenges

Discuss custom capabilities and how they relate to your projects: custom sizes, shapes, species, veneer, profiles, and more

Learn about different construction methods and other door options that add value to your project

Learn about finishing capabilities and how to save you time and reduce issues

Testimonials From Previous Tours


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