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Fine Finishing Solutions

Fine Finishing Solutions

Are concerns about warping or movement preventing you from purchasing wood doors? Nothing compares to the elegance and longevity of fine wood doors, and with the fine finishing solutions used at Upstate Door, you’ll won’t need to worry about movement and can trust your investment will last for years to come.

Quality Coverage

Fine finishing by Upstate Door ensures hard-to-reach areas are covered on every wood door, including:

  • Behind glass (we paint or stain before glass is installed)
  • Behind hinges
  • Door jambs
  • All six sides of a door
European Sealing Technology

Our door experts use an innovative sealing technology that is:

  • Environmentally safe
  • Designed to extend the durability of stains and paints
  • Water-based, so the addition of an additional top coat can be done with ease
Penetrating Wood Conditioner

Using a penetrating wood conditioner, we can protect each door from a variety of environmental hazards and conditions:

  • Infuses UV protection directly into wood to prevent color from shifting and fading
  • Provides water resistance
  • Injects insect repellant deep inside wood
  • Includes an anti-fungal ingredient to protect against mold

The Upstate Door Solution

Avoid the hassle of painting or staining an installed door. Our results are stunning and can’t be duplicated in the field. Our finishing is done in a controlled environment, preventing dust or other particulates from causing imperfections. Our finish is also sprayed – not brushed – to deliver a consistent coating. During our comprehensive 10-step finishing process, each door receives:

  • A full door inspection
  • A penetrating wood conditioning treatment
  • Sophisticated application techniques
  • A five-step sanding process
  • Professional spray applications
  • Sealing top and bottom to prevent water infiltration
Helps activate the product warranty; see the guidelines on the next page.
The top and bottom of the door are sealed to prevent water infiltration.
Our finishing is done in a controlled environment to prevent dust or other imperfections getting in the finish.
The finish is sprayed, not brushed, to offer a more consistent coating.
Our finish expands and contracts with the natural movements of the wood without cracking or peeling.

Stain Options

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Our Process

Our unique Door-to-Door Service process ensures that you are part of the process at every step.


Talk with
our experts


You receive
a proposal and a technical drawing.


With your approval
we create your door(s).


Our master craftsmen carefully construct your door.


All six sides of your door can be finished in the factory before being shipped.


Ship your door(s) on
our truck to ensure safe arrival.


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