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Historical Replications

Old buildings are rich in charm, character and history, making them wonderful places to live and work. However, the same years that have given these places their warmth and richness can also take a toll on the fixtures – like doors.

New Door, Old Styles

Modern doors often won’t suit the older and distinctive demands of historic locations, which is why Upstate Door specializes in offering custom solutions for historic buildings.

Upstate Door’s experts can help design historical replications to replace doors that have outlived their useful age. We can easily accommodate unusual or unique sizes and shapes, which makes us a perfect partner for historical projects. We have the capability to match historic architectural details of many glass options or door layouts, and have worked with large projects around the Northeast, including exterior door replacement at St. Luke’s Chapel in Connecticut, restorations of historic wood doors at SUNY Geneseo, and transforming a historical building in Brooklyn into a modern-day Shake Shack.

We know that historical projects are challenging and we are willing to tackle your project with professionalism and a dedication to make sure that your historical door project is exactly what you are looking for. Trust our team and our experience to create an authentic replica to retain the look and charm of your historic building. Get started by giving us a call today at 800.570.8283 or review case studies of our past projects below.


Historic Building Case Studies


Our Process

Our unique Door-to-Door Service process ensures that you are part of the process at every step.


Talk with
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You receive
a proposal and a technical drawing.


With your approval
we create your door(s).


Our master craftsmen carefully construct your door.


All six sides of your door can be finished in the factory before being shipped.


Ship your door(s) on
our truck to ensure safe arrival.

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