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Warranty Claims

Upstate Door Warranty Claims Process


Step 1 – Open a service case

Before any action can be taken to correct an issue on a service request, a service case must be opened. To open a service case, fill out the Service Request Application form and contact the Upstate Door service department at 800.570.8283, ext. 106 or email your Upstate Door representative.

Step 2 – Verification and qualification of the service issue

After your service case has been opened, the issue must be documented. Send accompanying photographs of the nonconformity and/or damage to the product. Please ensure the photos are not blurry and that they clearly identify the problem to avoid a delay in the process. In some cases, a local field representative will be dispatched to collect measurements and take photos of the issue. The field representative is not responsible for repair, formulation of resolution, or determination of warranty issues. Within seven days of the issue being documented and the photos supplied to the Upstate Door service department, Upstate Door will contact the dealer with a resolution for repair or replacement.

Step 3 – Determining if the service issue is a warranty issue, a non-warranty issue, or a goodwill repair

Warranty issues are manufacturer’s defects in either materials or workmanship and must be claimed within a one-year period with no exception. See Upstate Door Warranty for further details on warranty specifications and exclusions.

Non-Warranty issues such as damage from outside forces will be addressed the same way as warranty issues but may result in a charge for repair.

Goodwill repairs are carried out solely at the discretion of Upstate Door. These repairs do not fall under warranty but may be performed at a discounted rate in an effort to not just meet, but to exceed customer service expectations. In all goodwill repairs, some level of customer participation will be required.

With all types of service issues, whether being done in the field or at the factory, your service consultant will supply a quote or credit form for repair. This quote or credit form must be approved prior to any work being performed. Failure to do so will result in the claim being denied.

Step 4 – Schedule replacement or repair of the unit

Once you and your Upstate service representative have approved all of the service issue details defined in your service quote, the service repair can be scheduled. If the affected unit is being repaired at the factory, the unit will need to be returned to Upstate Door. You can schedule the pick-up with your Upstate service representative. If a new unit is being supplied you can schedule a drop off of the new unit and pick up of the unit with the service issue. With all service replacements and repairs, all replaced parts must be returned to Upstate Door, including but not limited to doors, glass or hardware. Failure to return replaced components may result in additional charges.

Before Upstate Door Inc. will schedule a pickup of doors that may be a warranty issue it is required that you perform these simple tasks to ensure that the product is truly bowed, warped or twisted.

  • Check to make sure the door is properly installed; check the plumb and square of the door opening.
  • Make sure that hinges are in place and that the hinge screws are properly installed and completely screwed into the jamb.
  • Check the door to make sure that it is completely sealed (paint, stain or other finishing agent) along the front and back fact, top, bottom and both side edges of the door, as well as, behind all hardware that is installed in or on the door.
  • If using the door stop as a guide to determine that the door is defective, please measure the distance from edge of jamb to the edge of the door stop to ensure that the door stop has not moved due to improper nailing/installation, or while during the process of moving furniture it has not been bumped out of alignment.
  • Place a straight edge on the door (must be at least the same length as the dimension you are checking).
  • If checking for a “cupping” of the door and a long enough straight edge is not available, two people can hold a string-line from end to end to check for “cupping.”
  • If a completely flat surface is available, place the door on it to see if any point of the door is not in contact with the surface. If there is a point on the door that is not in contact with the surface and the distance between the door and the surface exceeds ¼”, then it is a warranty issue.

*Detailed photographs must be submitted with form. Please include a full view photo of unit as well as close ups*


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