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Why Us?

Upstate Door specializes in crafting distinctive, one-of-a-kind fine wood doors.


We make the complicated simple.

We can easily accommodate unusual or unique sizes, making us a perfect partner for distinctive projects. We handcraft interior, exterior, and specialty doors, including screen/storm combinations, flush, Dutch, French, MDF, fire-rated, STC-rated, Impact/DP-Rated, lift and slide, louver, and more.

All of our products are built to your exact specifications. Customize your door by choosing the wood species, profile options, specialty glass, factory finishing, and more.

We provide access to our entire team – sales, drafting, engineering, marketing, service, production – to ensure we answer all your detailed questions. We will meet with you face-to-face, over the phone, live chat, or virtually to discuss your project needs!

We are proud to offer fine door solutions for your home. Accompanying an industry-leading product with personalized service, Upstate Door is able to take your vision and make it a reality.

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Company Differentiators


Upstate Door


Other Wood Door Suppliers


Can customize any aspect of the door

Not always available

Ways to Communicate

We will communicate face-to-face, over the phone, live chat, email, or virtually to assist any and all customer needs

Difficult to access someone quickly and easily

Deliver on Own Trucks

Deliver on our own fleet, reducing the risk of damage or shipping error. We also offer upgraded packaging options.

Does not deliver on their own trucks or offer upgraded packaging options

Samples and High Quality Drawings

We offer samples and high level drawings as part of the design process

Samples typically not available, and low level drawings are received

Color & Grain Matching

Lumber is hand selected and always matches color and grain

Color and grain are inconsistent and do not match

Finishing Options

Factory finishing is available. Split finishing can be done on the front vs. back, jambs can be finished differently than the door

Factory finishing is unavailable

Mill and Hang Our Own Jambs

Jambs are custom made from the same wood the door is made from

Prefabricated, low quality jambs

Service Solutions

Offering collaborative solutions before, during, and after the sale of a door package

Difficult to access someone quickly and get knowledgeable answers & solutions


Exterior Door Differentiators

Upstate Door

Other Wood Door Suppliers

Match exterior door muntins to the window manufacturer’s

Easily match window manufacturer profiles

Difficult to exactly match the profiles

Doors are doweled and glued in place

Marine epoxy is standard on every exterior door

Exterior glue only

Specialty options, like oversized, Impact Rated, DP Rated, etc

We manufacture many wooden specialty doors with ease

Not always available

Solid wooden sill options

CNC routed out of one solid piece to match the architectural detail of the door

Not offered as a standard. If it is available, it is not solid. It has applied pieces which are an issue with water infiltration

Interior Door Differentiators

Upstate Door

Other Wood Door Suppliers

Specialty options, like oversized, Fire Rated, sound resistant, etc

We manufacture many wooden specialty doors with ease

Not always available

Fire rated doors and jambs are architectural and look exactly like other doors in the home

Wooden fire doors match the other doors exactly in the home

Wooden fire doors rarely match exact, or need to be out of steel

Match interior doors to cabinetry and trim

Easily match millwork manufacturer profiles and wood species if needed

Difficult to exactly match the profiles

Screen/Storm Door Differentiators

Upstate Door

Other Wood Door Suppliers

Screen/storm door

Thick, heavy, engineered architectural wood screen/storm door

Thin, lightweight clad non-architectural screen/storm door

Matching profiles to exterior door

Screen/Storm sash sticking and panel profiles match the door exactly

Profiles do not match exactly

Door and sash are flush

Door and sash are flush

Sash protrudes from the door causing water to sit on top of the sash





Fine Door Solutions … One Source!


What does “One Source” mean?

Whether you’re an architect, a builder, a dealer or a homeowner, “one source” means that we have the resources and expertise to be your trusted partner for each step of the process. We will guide you, understand your specifications, build to your design needs, helping you extend your design from the entryway through the entire home. We deliver quality product, on time and in perfect condition.

Fine Door: We build to AWI’s “fine furniture” standards in both our product offerings.

Solutions: We can provide beautiful fine doors to fit any and every need.

One Source: We have the expertise and capacity to manage all your interior, exterior and specialty door needs.

Upstate Door works with you to build fine door solutions that are unique in every way. Built to your design specifications, our doors allow you to create a seamless flow of design throughout a home.


Your specifications & designs, our expert craftsmen & knowledge



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